Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cosplaybuzz/WigisFashion Wigs Review

I'm reviewing both Inori and Shu wig from Cosplaybuzz / WigisFashion. As you may see their banners on the website now, it was great that I am able to do a physical review for them to let everyone know my experience with their quality. Shipping took about 2 weeks. It's from China which from overseas the shipping will be a bit slower or faster depending on customs.

All of the opinions I will be stating below is completely my honest opinion and my feelings about the wigs itself. If you would like to watch a video of my review instead you can at

First off I am placing the comparison of the wigs in flash/noflash

-Both wigs are quality fibers, aren't party wigs. Inori is higher grade than Shu. Easy to detangle and silky smooth.
-Both wigs aren't super thick, Inori wig is much more thin than Shu. Which happens to a lot of wigs when it comes to long vs short. They aren't super thin either. It's just your preference to what you prefer, quality vs. thickness. 
-It comes very basic style, which you have to take a pair of scissors to it to get it to look exactly like the character.
-Shu wig is very easy to style, Inori will require hairspray.
-Both wigs are only low heat resistant.

Now to compare to what was listed on their webpage.

I can't show the stock photo of Inori because it's not on the website anymore.

My overall opinion is dependent on your choices of of importance, if you prefer thick wigs or quality, it'll be a hit or miss. It's not terrible by any means, just really depends on your standards for wigs. Just be prepared to style your wig when you get a character wig, it won't really come styled like the stock photo.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tips & Tricks for Cosplay : Character File "Mystogan / Jellal Fernandes"

Preparing for a Convention : #1 Suggested Items

This is the first part of Preparing for a Convention videos set. I decided to start off with basics of what I felt are good hygiene/healt items to have by my side at cons while walking around and such. (There are tons of other items you need or want, but it's by person bases. And this one is targeted to what you bring with you as you're walking around the con.) This isn't targeted to what you bring in total at a con. This is also NOT about things like phones. keys, camera type of things. This is mostly stuff for your well being at a con. :3 I'll point that one out later.

The next video will be Packing Light. For air travels, how to put items into a carry on and max use the spaces you have without passing the limitation.

After that I will be doing more related videos. If you are awesome and don't need tips on anything. You don't have to watch this video. :)

Thank you for all those who decided to watch this video. I hope my share of what I do helps you out. If you have things you bring, do write below some of your most important health related/hygiene related items you bring.

Tips & Tricks for Cosplay : Character File "Japan / Honda Kiku"