Thursday, September 6, 2012

Preparing for a Convention : #1 Suggested Items

This is the first part of Preparing for a Convention videos set. I decided to start off with basics of what I felt are good hygiene/healt items to have by my side at cons while walking around and such. (There are tons of other items you need or want, but it's by person bases. And this one is targeted to what you bring with you as you're walking around the con.) This isn't targeted to what you bring in total at a con. This is also NOT about things like phones. keys, camera type of things. This is mostly stuff for your well being at a con. :3 I'll point that one out later.

The next video will be Packing Light. For air travels, how to put items into a carry on and max use the spaces you have without passing the limitation.

After that I will be doing more related videos. If you are awesome and don't need tips on anything. You don't have to watch this video. :)

Thank you for all those who decided to watch this video. I hope my share of what I do helps you out. If you have things you bring, do write below some of your most important health related/hygiene related items you bring.

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