Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tips & Tricks for Cosplay : Female vs. Male for Women

Everything written below is just quick 5 general tips per section. (Means also that it's thinking of a general sense because different characters are different.) It is all my opinion and I am not ordering people how to do their make up/what to do. It's just how I see things when I cosplay and what I do to myself haha. So take it with a grain of salt and see if you can pick up any good advice! Thanks for viewing everyone!

  • Cheekbones/Contouring : Honestly I can't express how important cheekbones are, mostly contouring your face with a matte bronzer will accentuate your face. Some need more, some are less, just look at the character like an art piece when you do your own face. Don't go overboard because you just want it to look natural enough for photos and in person.
  •  Eyes : Lay off the eyelashes if you can, majority of the male characters don't need extra lashes. You should focus more on using neutral shadows to bring out your eyes. Eyeliner is fine too for sharpness, but don't go too overboard, just remember to study the characters carefully. You want to be convincing, not over made up.
  • Eyebrows : A major player to look achieve the male look. You sometimes have to thicken or slant your eyebrows more to get the attitude down. For me, it usually is the eyebrows that finishes my characters.
  • Body Language : This is important to do regardless who you do, you can't be a male character if you don't study how their body language is. Majority of the males are more relaxed, not as conservative as a female would be. Just pretend you are acting for the day, you'll be perfect it fine. Main thing is study study study! Every character is different, some are super manly where your body language is much more aggressive and open, some may just act like girls so it depends who you cosplay as.
  • General Tips : Go light on the make up, I mean you don't need blush, mascara, lipstick (unless you are character does have that.) Honestly less is more, so just remember not to pack your face with too many products. The more you have, people will noticed and feel you might be a little too overboard for being a guy. How else do you think I fool other people when I cosplay guys? :D 

  • Eyelashes :  False eyelashes really play up your game in looking girly for cosplay. So if you can, do try using it. If not, at least apply your favorite length and volume Mascaras to play up your eyes, it really does make a difference. Aside from that, of course we know everyone uses circle lenses to exaggerate their eyes haha.
  • Blush : Instead of bronzer contouring, you should focus on blush, try a coral blush for a lighting contour and lift to your face. Just a little peachy will make your face more lively and less washed out. Foundation can really make you look like a ghost sometimes! So remember that blush, but don't go overboard unless you want a clown face haha.
  • Lips : Lips for a girl in my opinion is very important. Apply either nude or color. Add a little gloss. It makes your face. Majority of the time what captures pictures is your eyes and lips for girl cosplays.
  • Body Language : It's much easier to cosplay girls, but what if you cosplay guys a lot? It'll be more hard to get the girly attitude down. Like sitting with your legs closed, opening your eyes wide awake for your photos and posing to accentuate your curves. You have to mostly pay attention to characters just like I mentioned. Each and everyone is different, study study study!
  • General Tips : Even though females will have more make up than guys, you still don't want to cake on too much make up. Enough for your face for coverage is most important. However play with what makes your face look to your characters. If you aren't a foundation type of person, just remember tinted moisturizers go a long way. If you don't have a preferred one you can always make your own by mixing a little foundation and your favorite moisturizer. It feels great and natural! 
In general, study your character you cosplay for their attitude, body language, and the more you enjoy a character the more you will feel into the character. Everyone is beautiful in their own way so discover your character's beauty~ 

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