Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tips & Tricks for Cosplay : Must Have Series #1

At any time and place, I have suggested people to take care of their lips. Both women and men at conventions will need a handy lip balm with them. The ones I absolutely love are these EOS lip balms. Not only they are good for you, they have many flavors that are very yummy! I really can't stress enough how much of a difference you will look in photos and cosplay when you take care of your lips. Your face and body needs sun protection, but so does your lips! Highly recommended and affordable around $2-4 depending where you live. It can be found at Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens etc. (They make great gifts too if you are planning to get something for friends for any special occasions!)

Thank you for reading! Hopefully this will give you suggestions for something natural and good for you. You can use daily or during conventions. We always forget that our lips is one of the important things we use everyday, so best is we take care of it. (Alternative if you cannot find EOS at anywhere local to you, is Burt's Bees, but not everyone is fond of the taste and smell they have. EOS taste is much more subtle.)

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